Type Design

I studied on the Cooper Type Design program at Cooper Union in New York City in summer 2013 and designed a typeface based on 17th Century French calligraphy which I named ‘Claudine’.

The course was 6 weeks and intense. It was really hands on, first looking at letterforms and how the type is constructed by practicing calligraphy by drawing roman style scripts. Then moved on to sketching the roman forms instead and doing the key letters – “handgloves”, and continued to draw it again and again and again until it was right! We practiced that for a week or so, then moved on to our personal project which we had free reign on.

I discovered this 17th Century French Calligraphy style, so developed my typeface from that, staying quite close to the original. We developed the fonts in Robofont, created OpenType features and had to develop a certain character set.


I imagine this typeface to be used for film credits, packaging, luxury products needing a vintage french touch.