Branding, Web Design


I was asked to create a brand for an innovative new company. Amaven is an online portal for schools, personal trainers, sports clubs etc to track the progress of their students or clients. Initially focusing on an outlet of sports and fitness, the brand expects to move into other sectors such a Music, Science or Maths.

The focus of the brand is to allow and push anyone to become an expert in their chosen field. This was the basis of the brand name and logo concept.


‘Maven‘ is slang for an expert or connoisseur‘, so I came up with the idea of Amaven, which can also be used as a play on words ‘be Amaven’, ‘you are Amaven‘.

The logo concept is based around pathways and a sports track which lead to your end goal, and colours reflect the sporting focus. I also carry the pathway theme across iconography. The logotype is custom drawn to mirror the rounded frame of the mark.

I also designed a new website and the tracking portal itself which needed to be easily accessible on all devices, for ease of use in remote locations such as the gym or sports track.

contact-amaven_1200 features_1200See the live site here