Side Line Projects

Beer Mat Tat

I went home for Christmas one year and went up in the loft to look for something (I can’t remember what) and I discovered a box full of beer mats. Only then did I learn that my mum used to be a pretty avid collector of both beer mats and those little matchbooks you used to get in hotels. Unfortunately for me the matchbooks had long been thrown out, due to them being a bit of a fire hazard and all. But the mats were mine to play with!

I thought it would be great to share this collection with others, as it was too good to keep hidden away. My parents used to live in Leeds until about 1990, so most of the beer mats will have been collected around the north of the UK, before that date.

I love how vibrant the colours still are, and the diverse range of type treatments across the whole collection. They feel like they have so much personality, which I think is mostly lost today for the big brands that feature.

I hope to be adding more to this collection as and when I find more myself. Enjoy!

Visit to see the collection