Other Design Projects

An odd request

I had an interesting request from a friend to design a mock film poster as a present for someone he worked with. He told me that when they were working together they used to pretend they were writing a script for a Tom Waits biopic, with Ron Perlman playing an old Tom Waits. He wanted it to be dark and moody, arthouse film poster-esque. I obviously jumped at the chance to do it, I’d never designed a film poster before and it was such a fun request!

It was a really great, silly project to work on, trying to merge Ron Perlman’s face onto Tom Waits’ body. And being completely self-indulgent knowing it wasn’t for a brand and I didn’t have to cover the page in brand colours and fonts.

This was the outcome, and I heard that the guy loved it – which is always great to hear!


See the transition from Waits to Perlman…